Qustodio vs Net Nanny

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Qustodio vs Net Nanny

Different electronic devices are an inalienable part of children’s routine today. Kids use them to study, to have fun, and for self-expression. But too much screen time is a serious problem, that’s why we use different parental control software to monitor our children’s time with their gadgets.

Qustodio is among those parental control solutions and Net Nanny is another one. Both applications were designed to supervise kids’ life in digital dimension, and both are among the leaders of this segment of the software market and are used by thousands of users worldwide.

You can read more about Net Nanny in our review and learn more about Qustodio from this sort video.

But which one of them is better? Here is our attempt to compare their key components and features.



Qustodio 5/10 vs Net Nanny 6/10

Both applications are is quite expensive. Qustodio “Small plan” price is $4.58 per month or $54.95 per year (you can protect with it up to 5 devices). And “Large plan” (up to 15 devices) is even more pricey – $11.50/$137.95 respectfully (after 15% discount).

Net Nanny is also an expensive solution. The cheapest annual plan is $39.99 (just for a single PC or Mac). You can connect up to 5 devices for $59.99 and up to 10 for $89.99 (and this is the price after discount!).

If we compare these prices with another parental control app they are a bit overpriced. Net Nanny gets 6 points out of 10 and Qustodio gets 5.

Free-trial period

Qustodio 10/10 vs Net Nanny 2/10

Most parental control solutions give you some free subscription opportunities. Qustodio offers its users a 30-days free-trial period while Net Nanny offers just the 14-day return policy. 10:2

Content blocking

Qustodio 5/10 vs Net Nanny 8/10

Content blocking is probably the main reason why people download and install parental control software. And both Qustodio and Net Nanny provide the users with some blocking opportunities.

But in the case of Qustodio, the app blocking features are unexpectedly limited. The parent can block just the apps that have been used previously by child or another phone use and only if the access to the Internet is needed for those apps to function. It seems like Qustodio blocks only particular app’s Internet access.  

Net Nanny gives you pretty good features to block online content and certain types of websites. This software provides you with the age-based filtering for each phone user in your family (or, basically, each device connected to your account). There are more than a dozen different content categories you can choose from (or you can create your own category). Also, you can add some materials you want to be blocked for each particular device manually. Gaming and chat restrictions are also provided.

Using Qustodio you also can block potentially harmful content (like pornography) by enabling different restrictions for particular website category restrictions or adding individual web addresses to the block list.

5 points to Qustodio and 8 to Net Nanny.

Screen time limits and schedule

Qustodio 7/10 vs Net nanny 6/10

This is also one of the key parental control features.

Qustodio is a relatively good instrument to monitor children’s screen time. Parents can set daily limits for every device under the parental account or schedule the access to the device and limit it to to certain hours. But schedule options are poor. The minimum time gap you can deal with is one hour.

Using Net Nanny you can also schedule your child’s time in the internet or the time when the child can use different apps on his device. You can block internet access for some period as well (like dinner time or the time when a child is at school).

So, both apps are pretty good in screen time limiting, but gives you nothing extraordinary – they are not better and not worse than the most parental control apps.

7 to Qustodio vs 6 to Net Nanny.


Qustodio 7/10 vs Net Nanny 7/10

Both apps seem to be user-friendly based on the first impression. But still, there are few small inconveniences. It would be nice to have an easier swith between parent/child modes and a bit simplier user interface, or be less linked to web browser when want to change basic settings (in Qustodio). Both apps get 7 points.


Qustodio 10/10 vs Net Nanny 6/10

Both applications are cross-platform instruments and support main operational systems though Qustodio gives its users a much more flexibility in this area. 10 to Qustodio and 6 to Net Nanny.

Technical support

Qustodio 6/10 v Net Nanny 7/10

Both parental controls are pretty good with providing technical support, though it seems sometimes that you have to be quite an advanced user to understand all the instructions.

6 pints to Qustodio and 7 to Net Nanny.

Additional Features

Qustodio 6/10 vs Net Nanny 6/10

Qustodio functions also include location tracking instruments when the parent can see child’s phone or tablet location on the map (this option is available for iOS and Android platforms only). Panic button (only for Android devices) lets your child to send you (or another trusted person) a notification in case of emergency.


Net Nanny also provides you with the set of functions like safe search options and whitelist/blacklist of content. There is remote administration options, and also the app alerts you when your child is trying to access a website with an inappropriate content. Mask profanity is a unique Net Nanny function which blinks rude words or hide pictures with adult content on your child’s device without ruining their online experience by disconnecting them from the web.

Both apps provide you with weekly reports.

Six points to each app.


Qustodio 7/10 vs Net Nanny 6/10

These apps are better than many other similar digital solutions and there are no questions why they are among the leaders. At the same time, the subscription to both apps seems to be more expensive (in compare with than most of the analogical products on the market).

If you are looking for a less expensive parental control solution with the same main features but also better applications’ control and more flexible screen time scheduling you can look for other options.


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